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Dr. Torsten Schütze (*24.09.1969)

Development Principal
Rohde & Schwarz SIT GmbH


Dr. Torsten Schütze
Rohde & Schwarz SIT GmbH
Hemminger Str. 41
D-70499 Stuttgart

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Curriculum Vitae

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torsten.schuetze AT rohde-schwarz.com, torsten.schuetze AT gmx.net


Since 10/2010
Development Principal
Rohde & Schwarz SIT GmbH
Fachreferent (Senior Expert)
Robert Bosch GmbH, CR/AEA
Senior Research Scientist
Siemens AG, CT IC 3
Research Scientist
Siemens AG, CT IC 3
Research Assistant
DFG-funded research group
Identification and optimization of complex models based on the calculation of analytical sensitivities
Dresden University of Technology, Institute of Scientific Computing/ Institute of Numerical Mathematics
Research Assistant
Shape Preserving Spline Approximation
headed by Prof. Dr. J.W.Schmidt
Dresden University of Technology, Institute of Numerical Mathematics

Education and Degrees

January 1998
Promotion, Dr. rer. nat.
Thesis: Diskrete Quadratmittelapproximation durch Splines mit freien Knoten,
[ps.gz-file, 901 kbyte], [pdf-file, 2.03 Mbyte]
PhD student in Numerical Analysis
(supervisor Prof. Dr. H.Schwetlick) Dresden University of Technology, Institute of Numerical Mathematics
Diploma in Mathematics,
Thesis: Quadratmittelapproximation durch B-Splines mit freien Knoten,
Diploma: [dvi-file, 524 kbyte], [ps-file, 872 kbyte]
Abstract: [dvi-file, 4 kbyte], [ps-file, 16 kbyte]
Student of Mathematics and Physics at Martin-Luther-University Halle/Wittenberg
Spezialklassen für Mathematik und Physik at Martin-Luther-University Halle/Wittenberg
Polytechnische Oberschule Klettenberg

Reports/ Publications

Reports and Publications


At university times, I was working in Numerical Analysis and was especially interested in

After university I moved to Research and Development in the IT-security area, first to Siemens Corporate Technology. I was a member of the departments Competence Center of Cryptography. My special interests are

If your are interested in Side Channel Attacks please read
DPA-Analyse von Implementierungen symmetrischer kryptographischer Algorithmen [pdf-file, 4.52 Mbyte],
Diplomarbeit, TU München, 2005 by Hermann Seuschek.

In May 2007, after 7.5 years with Siemens Corporate Technology, I moved to Bosch Corporate Research. I am still working on Embedded Security and Cryptography, of course now with a focus on the automotive industry.

One of the recent results finished in June 2009 under my supervision is a Master Thesis by Andreas Hoheisel, Ruhr University Bochum, Chair of Embedded Security with the title
Side-Channel Analysis Resistant Implementation of AES on Automotive Processors [pdf-file, 1.08 Mbyte].

If you are interested in the sad State of the Art in Automotive Security, have a look at Hovav Shachams invited talk at CHES 2010: Cars and Voting machines: Embedded Systems in the Field.

In October 2010, I returned to real crypto, i.e., crypto technology for mission critical environments at Rohde & Schwarz SIT GmbH.

In 2014/2015 we had a discussion about new elliptic curves in the international cryptologic community. At the NIST Workshop on Elliptic Curve Cryptography Standards we presented our standpoint, see Talk and Paper.
This discussion was reason enough to look at long integer arithmetic units in hardware again (14 years after Crypto2000), this time at FPGAs. The results can be found in the Master Thesis by Ariano-Tim Donda, Ruhr University Bochum, Chair of Embedded Security with the title
Efficient Implementation of a Generic Coprocessor for Elliptic Curve Cryptography on Reconfigurable Hardware [pdf-file, 0.98 Mbyte].

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Torsten Schütze
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74388 Talheim
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